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by Qarl

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released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Qarl Houston, Texas

Believe in yourself. I do.

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Track Name: flush
-I wanna just flush
anything that'll bring me down
from cloud 9, like bad vibes
that's an evil sound
-I wanna just flush
any thought that'll move my mind
out of the light, hold me underneath
force of time
-I wanna just flush
any day, that i spend my moments
doing nothing but staying under covers
in the morning
-I wanna just flush
myself down this whold damn drain
so i can free my thought
and adapt to the change

-i've got nothing to say...
there's nothing on my mind these days
and so i've tried to fill the space
with some glory and praise
-while that was great
and taught me how to live a life straight
i think it's run it's course
i need to dip before it's too late
-don't get me flippant
here's the point in case you missed it
i'm just a man trying
to figure out his own mission
-i wanna do big things
i wanna change some hearts
i wanna make believe
and stoke the fire of art
-there's always been something
that's off about me
a few shades quite lighter
but the flame will bring
around all 50
-i got the gray matter
ready for the day that my
scatterbrained name is on the lips
of some other chatter

[HOOK 2]

-look, the point i'm making
it's quite simple
i got some friends and folks
around me with the same mental
-they're like-minded
hype-finding individuals
and we just might try to
bang with more intervals
-oh, no.. no one will silence us
we've got some fight in us
confide in us cause what's about
to up and up is mighty righteousness
-and that's a promise that
no given situation
will bring a limitation
of any fulfillment
of building a stone temple
with the feeling of sound
waves down played to your spine
and your mind quakes
woah, he, let me slow the pace
-deep breathe, deep breathe,
now let's open the cage
-i had to let my mind relax
took a step back, took a long stare
at the looking glass
-cooking that, confidence
rocking it, look at that
here i am, once again,
my repentance

[HOOK 3] x2